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All puppies/dogs will be sold/placed on contract. We will not be taking owner surrenders any longer, nor will we be courtesy listing any dogs. We will only list dogs from our own breeding, or close friends from this point forward. For information on upcoming breedings or available dogs, please email us.

Stay tuned for information on our exciting "E" litter, planned for 2013!

TESSA: 6 month old female Rottweiler.

On Thursday 4/5/12, I received a phone call from a 73 year old man wanting to to find a home for the 6 month old female Rottweiler that they had been "talked in to" purchasing. The dog came from a "high risk" kennel (aka puppymill/backyard breeder), in PA. The man told me that this girl was simply too much for him and his wife to handle, that they were elderly and had some health issues and they could not take care of her anymore. I informed him that I would be willing to come do an evaluation on the dog on Monday, which I did. Multiple times he stated "you can sell her and do whatever you want with the money, we just want her to have a good home". I told him that isn't what I do, rescues don't sell dogs. He continued to try this ploy of selling his dog and keeping the money when I arrived on Monday to do the evaluation. He began telling me that I could take her crate, and her food, handed me an envelope with her paperwork (vet records and AKC registration application) and seemed to think I would be leaving with his dog, which is something I never indicated in any way during our conversations. When I informed him that I would not be able to take her he was very disappointed. Wednesday at 8 am he called and asked when I was coming to get his dog. I informed him that my male had put a hole in the fencing the evening before and I could not take her until it was repaired, which likely wouldn't be until the weekend since my husband works 12 hour days and doesn't get home until after 7:30pm. He seemed irritated, and gave me a story of having to go back to work the next day and he needed to know by noon that same day when I was coming to pick up his dog. I made a few phone calls to see if I could find someone to hold her for a day or two until the fencing was repaired. By noon the man was calling again to find out if I was coming to get his dog, telling me that she had chewed the patio furniture in the sunroom, where they left her all day with access to the yard. I told him I was waiting for a phone call back and would call him as soon as I knew something. About thirty minutes later, I ended up with a family who was very interested in adopting this girl, and since they were friends and I knew them well it cut the screening process down to nothing. When I called the owner back just minutes later he told me it was "too late" and that he had made arrangements for the dog. When I asked what arrangements he had made he simply said that he had to do something and the dog was going somewhere, but refused to tell me who was taking the dog or what he had done with her. This man gave me so many reasons why he had to get rid of this sweet girl, too old, not healthy, wife can't see, going back to work, chewing the furniture. I offered several training helps while I was there for the evaluation and they seemed willing to try them while I made arrangements for placement for her. I really think they were just in a huge hurry to dump this girl off on anyone who would take her.

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